gm. I'm Curtis. ๐Ÿ‘‹
gm. I'm Curtis. ๐Ÿ‘‹

gm. I'm Curtis. ๐Ÿ‘‹

Full-stack developer building the tools, apps, and experiences necessary to onboard the next billion people to web3.

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Platform Engineer, @Floor

Floor - May 2022 - Present

Design, develop, and ship performant, secure, and well-tested software to power Floorโ€™s ecosystem of products. We're on a mission to make NFTs understandable and accessible.

Founding Engineer @LinksDAO

LinksDAO - December 2021 - Present

Leading engineering projects at LinksDAO.

Co-founder @Shoutout

Shoutout - November 2020 - Present

Shoutout helps you save, highlight, and showcase all your social proof in one place.



Team Lead, No-Code Infrastructure @On Deck

On Deck - November 2020 - January 2022

One of the first full-time engineers at On Deck. I lead the team that makes it easy for everyone at On Deck to build reliably with no-code at scale.



Floor Public Website

Next.js App - June 2022

Floorโ€™s new online presence.

Floor Rewards

Next.js App - May 2022

Allow Floor users to redeem their referral points for merch. Integrates with Floorโ€™s shopify store to generate coupon codes on demand.

Floor Mintlist Portal

Next.js App - May 2022

Raffle platform built for Floor. Users connect their wallets and enter raffles for mintlist spots from select Floor partners.

ShadowQuest Rarity App

Next.js App - April 2022

Rarity application for the p2e game ShadowQuest.

LinksDAO Token Gated Clubhouse

Next.js App - February 2022

The token-gated experience for LinksDAO members. Next.js + Supabase + Wallet sign in.

Creepz Tracker

Next.js App - January 2022

A dashboard for the web3 brand and p2e game Cold Blooded Creepz.

No Code Conference 2021 Talk

Conference Talk - November 17 2021

Speaking at NCC 2021 about no-code first cultures and how that's helped On Deck scale to 250+ employees.

Share a Coffee

Side Project - October 2020 - January 2021

Daily newsletter I started in October that showcases one creator and buys them a coffee through Buy Me a Coffee. The creator then nominates the next person to get a coffee.

Happy or Not PWA

AltaML via โ€“ September 2020

App that tells you if your cat was happy or not.



Side Project โ€“ March 2020 - November 2020

Liist lets you display your Google Sheet as a list of cards, map, or table. It has full-text search, filtering, and pagination.


Pharmaceutical Drug Launch Platform โ€“ 2020

Responsible for architecting and developing a platform to track the multi-year process of taking a pharmaceutical drug to market.


Hybrid PWA for booking Movers โ€“ 2019

Developed a PWA using GatsbyJS and Apollo that allowed users to arrange local and cross-country moves between houses.


Document Collaboration Platform โ€“ 2018-2019

Responsible for architecting and developing a secure document collaboration platform for a pharmaceutical company.


Apple Online Store

Apple via Bitovi โ€“ 2013-2015

I was the lead front-end engineer responsible for migrating Apple's Online Store away from its legacy JavaScript framework to a new framework built around jQuery and CanJS (Bitovi's MVC framework).


Norton eCommerce Platform

Symantec โ€“ 2011-2012

I was one of the front-end leads responsible for building the UI of Symantec's custom eCommerce platform. I introduced the JavaScriptMVC framework and helped the team scale to over 20 engineers. The platform launched on time and recorded record annual revenue for Symantec.