Hello. I'm Curtis. 👋
Hello. I'm Curtis. 👋

Hello. I'm Curtis. 👋

Full-stack developer, No-code maker, and Integromat Partner based in Kitchener, ON Canada 🍁

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Team Lead, No-Code Infrastructure @On Deck Co-founder Shoutout



November 2020 - Present

Shoutout helps you save, highlight, and showcase all your social proof in one place.


October 2020

Discover! is a way to find creators and support their work by buying them a coffee. Built as a growth tool for the Share a Coffee newsletter.

Share a Coffee

October 2020

Daily newsletter I started on October 14 that showcases one creator and buys them a coffee through Buy Me a Coffee. The creator then nominates the next person to get a coffee.

Happy or Not PWA

AltaML via Aquil.io – September 2020

The same client as above wanted to build a PWA in under 2 weeks. The app would tell you if your cat was happy or not and allow you to share the result on social media.

I evaluated the various tools and picked Adalo. I was able to learn Adalo and deliver the PWA within a week.


Liist – March 2020 - November 2020

Liist is a side product I developed that lets you display your Google Sheet as a list of cards, map, or table. It has full-text search, filtering, and pagination.

The frontend is built with React and the API is built with FeathersJS.

Examples of sites using Liist

Accessible Audio Maps Application

Aquil.io – 2020

Built the React frontend for a research project that allowed businesses to create audio-enabled maps for visually impaired users and embed them on their own websites.

The maps could have multiple GeoJSON layers that would play sounds when you collided with objects or got near to them.

Pharmaceutical Drug Launch Platform

Aquil.io – 2020

Responsible for architecting and developing a platform to track the multi-year process of taking a pharmaceutical drug to market.

The frontend was built in React and utilized React hooks heavily. The dashboard rendered a directed graph using SigmaJS with bindings to React that updated in real-time in response to WebSocket events.

Hybrid PWA for booking Movers

Aquil.io – 2019

Developed a PWA using GatsbyJS and Apollo that allowed users to arrange local and cross-country moves between houses.

Half of the site was a static marketing site that pulled its content from a CMS. The other half was a dynamic application that walked the user through a series of steps to determine a price and date for the move.

The multi-step process allowed deep linking to any step, saved progress in localStorage, and involved complex async validations that changed the step a user was taken to next.

Document Collaboration Platform

Aquil.io – 2018-2019

Responsible for architecting and developing a secure document collaboration platform for a pharmaceutical company.

The frontend was built in React with deep integration with Box UI Elements. We were one of the first projects to use Box's OpenWith feature and routinely helped the Box team debug issues.

The API was built in FeathersJS and used Auth0 for authentication. The API had to communicate with Box to store and update files. RabbitMQ was used to offload batch processing.

Apple Online Store

Apple via Bitovi – 2013-2015

I was one of the front-end leads responsible for migrating Apple's Online Store away from its legacy JavaScript framework to a new framework built around jQuery and CanJS (Bitovi's MVC framework).

As a consultant with deep knowledge of CanJS, I was responsible for guiding the technical design and training the other engineering teams. Over a period of a year, we fully migrated the entire store. The code I designed and wrote is still in use today!

Norton eCommerce Platform

Symantec – 2011-2012

I was one of the front-end leads responsible for building the UI of Symantec's custom eCommerce platform. I introduced the JavaSCriptMVC framework and helped the team scale to over 20 engineers. The platform launched on time and recorded record annual revenue for Symantec.

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